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Microwave Ovens Motorhomes, Campers

Enjoy Using Your Microwave During Travels In Your RV or Camper

When traveling in your RV or Camper Microwave Ovens are the best for preparing meals because a Microwave is quick, easy and no dish washing is required.

Most campers and RVs have a spot where you can just slide a microwave into the slot, or you can opt for a small countertop microwave as well.

A microwave oven is one of the best ways to prepare fast and easy meals while traveling or in the woods camping.

RV Trailer Camper .9 cu ft Microwave, Black
RV Camper Advent Built-in Microwave.
RV Trailer Camper Appliances Microwave .9 Cu. Ft. Black with Wide Trim MW912BWDK
Advent MW912K Black Built-in Microwave Oven for RV, Trailer, Camper, Boat, Yacht, Motor Home, etc.
  • Built-in microwave for Rv, Camper with one-touch electronic controls and digital display let you quickly and easily adjust cook times, cook setting, power levels and clock and timer.
  • 0.9 cu. ft. capacity.
  • This microwave oven has 900 watts of cooking power and 10 adjustable power levels let you boil, defrost and more.
  • 6 pre-programmed one-touch digital cook settings let you easily prepare popcorn, pizza, frozen etrees at the touch of a button.
  • Glass turntable rotates food to provide even cooking.
  • Easy access door.
  • White cavity in microwave and black outer enclosure.
  • One piece trim kit.
  • Great for your motorhome or camper.
  • .9 Cubic Feet of Cooking Space while traveling or camping in your RV or Camper.
  • One-touch electronic controls with digital display let you quickly and easily adjust cook times, cook settings, power levels, clock and timer.
  • 900 watts of cooking power and 10 adjustable poer levels let you boil, reheat, defrost ad more.
  • 6 pre-programmed one-touch degital cook settings let your easily prepare pizza, popcorn, frozen entrees or beverages at the touch of a button.
  • Microwave Oven Dimensions: 13 3/8" Height x 19" Width x 15-1/2" Depth (without Trim Kit)
  • Trim kit included.
  • Easy-access door.
  • White cavity and black outer enclosure.
Available online at:  Ebay.com
Available online at:   Ebay.com

Alternative To A Microwave Oven for Your RV or Camper

A halogen oven is a good solution for use in your RV or camper. You get the browning effects that you normally get in a conventional oven while using less energy and the food cooks faster in a halogen oven. Once done with your meal, simply clean the oven and store away in a cabinet.

Oyama Turbo Convection Oven, White
Big Boss Rapid Wave Halogen Infrared Oven
Oyama TRO-110C Turbo Convection Oven, White
Big Boss Rapid Wave Halogen Infrared Convection Countertop Oven, 16 Quart with Extender Ring Glass Bowl
  • Cook healthier meals by using super heated circulating air to cook foods within their own juices.
  • Whether roasting a full checken or grilling a steak, each meal will cook to perfection without burning because this oven cooks only with super heated air..
  • Watch your meals cook right before your eyes in the impact and high temperature resistant 10.5 liter glass cooking container.
  • Comes with a built-in timer and temperature selection dials for cooking convenience.
  • Able to Bake, Grill, Steam or Roast in this turbo convection oven.
  • 2 wire cooking racks, plate tong and instruction manual with recipes included.
  • Perfect for your motorhome or camper.
  • The Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven is an innovative cooking system that fully roasts, broils or bakes food up to 3 times faster than conventional ovens.
  • An energy-efficient cooker that harnesses haloge heat, convection and infrared technologies to leave foods moist on the insdie and crisp on the outside, without using cooking fats or oils.
  • The Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven features simple controls, a see-through cooking bowl, removable trays and a tightly sealing lid that locks in heat and moisture.
  • The Rapid Wave halogen bowl and lid are thick glass, not plastic.
  • Dishwasher safe parts.
  • Triple cooking power: halogen, convection and infrared heat.
  • Cooks and fries without added oil.
Available online at:  Ebay.com
Available online at:   Ebay.com

Other Microwave Oven Options for Your Kitchen, Dorm Room

Small and compact microwave ovens for your countertop are great for dorm rooms or kitchens with limited countertop space.

For the kitchen with cabinet space available you may prefer the built in over the range microwave ovens.

If you cook full meals in your microwave then you may be interested in the browning feature that a microwave convection combo oven gives you.



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